Outrage at holy statue’s presence on bonfire (NewsLetter)

The placing of a statue of the Virgin Mary on a bonfire in Belfast has caused outrage.

It is believed the religious figurine on the bonfire at Lanark Way in west Belfast has since been removed.

There was outrage on Twitter on Thursday as the news broke, with people branding the statue’s presence on the bonfire “disgusting” and “sectarian”.

DUP councillor for the area Brian Kingston said he had spoken with a community worker who arranged for the statue to be removed as soon as he heard about it.

Speaking to the News Letter on Thursday Mr Kingston said: “It was brought to my attention and when I contacted a local community worker he was able to make representation and make sure it was removed.

“I can understand how this could cause offence.

“I appreciate the efforts which have been made to have this removed. That has been done sincerely and it is the right thing that it has been removed.”


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