Continua a dar frutti l’azione congiunta di Garda e PSNI nell’operazione contro i dissidenti. Quattro arresti

Una bomba mortaio è stata rinvenuta ieri sera a bordo di un’auto fermata ieri sera dalla Garda sulla N1 nei pressi di Dundalk. Un dispositivo di pericolosità letale e pronto ad esplodere.
Pat O’Connor, capitano della Defence Force, ha sottolineato che le temperature rigide che flagellano il Nord in questi giorni hanno reso estramemente difficoltose le operazioni di messa in sicurezza dell’ordigno. La squadra artificieri della Garda ha lavorato per 4 ore a -6 gradi di temperatura. Chiuso un tratto stradale di 5 km.
Arrestati 2 uomini all’incirca sui 20 anni. Manette ai polsi anche per un trentenne fermato nelle vicinanze e per un altro uomo di 30 anni circa arrestato a seguito della perquesizione di un immobile a Drumiskin, durante la quale la polizia ha requisito una serie di oggetti sottoposti ora ad analisi.

I commenti al ‘successo’ della Garda (Video)

Dundalk mortar bomb ‘ready to go’
Two men from Northern Ireland have been arrested after a viable mortar bomb was found in a car in Dundalk, Co Louth on Tuesday night.
Gardaí stopped and searched a car travelling on the N1 Northern Ireland-bound carriageway, outside Dundalk, as part of an ongoing operation targeting dissident republican activity.
A mortar-type device was discovered in the car.
It took the bomb squad over four hours to make the device safe.
These groups are totally out of sync with the rest of Irish Republicans and Nationalists, and indeed Unionists in the North. The overwhelming majority of our people want the peace process to succeed.
Captain Pat O’Connor from the Defence Force told UTV officers at the scene had a very difficult job to do in freezing conditions.
“In that car, there was a viable, improvised mortar and also the mortar tube. So inside the mortar tube, you had a primed round ready to go.
“Basically because of the conditions under foot – -6°C temperatures and it was night time – a five-kilometre stretch of road was closed off around the device so our teams could spend four hours making the device safe.
“It’s been moved to a military insulation for further analysis.”
Two men were arrested at the scene, both in their 20s, and another man in his 30s was arrested nearby.
In a follow-up operation, a property was searched in Drumiskin where a fourth man in his 30s was arrested. A number of items were seized for technical examination.
First Minister Peter Robinson has said the operation potentially saved lives.
“I do congratulate and thank the Gardaí for the work they have done in apprehending individuals and being able to stop the device from coming into Northern Ireland.
“Undoubtedly there was a very real danger of it, if not just being able to cause damage to property, but also to causing injury and even death.”
Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has strongly condemned those involved.
“I think what we have to do is continue to stand together and continue to point out to those people who believe that this represents a sensible way forward for the people of Ireland that they are not going to succeed, that their activities are totally futile and all they really do is see is people go to prison for an aim that is simply not achievable.”
The four arrested men are being detained in Drogheda, Balbriggan and Santry Garda Stations under section 30 of the Offences Against The State Act.


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