L’Irish Freedom Committee ha emesso un comunicato in cui dichiara come l’arresto di Terry McCafferty sia altamento sospetto visto soprattutto la mancanza di un’accusa preciso, ed in mancanza di un reato commesso.
Terry McCafferty, ri arrestato a quattro settimane dal suo rilascio, si trova ora nell’ala criminale del carcere di Maghaberry.
Il suo arresto viene giudicato come il passo finale, di una campagna intimidatoria perpetrata nei suoi confronti dal suo rilascio e nei confronti della sua famiglia.

Questo il testo del comunicato dell’Irish Freedom Committee

Thursday December 25, 2008
The Irish Freedom Committee has received further information regarding the December 22 arrest of Terry McCafferty, confirming our early suspicions that this is merely the final step in an on-going campaign
of harassment and persecution by British security forces since his November release.
As Terry and his wife Martine returned to Belfast airport in the early hours of Monday morning, from a long-awaited holiday to the Canary Islands, they were confronted and surrounded by police – one of whom audibly said “this is them here”. Without explanation, Terry was led away as five police surrounded Martine, refusing to allow her to go
with him as he was taken away. After repeated appeals to find out why her husband was being detained, Martine was bizarrely told by police that Terry’s “license was revoked” – meaning that he would be sent back to prison to serve six more years of his full sentence. When she asked why, police told her “we don’t have to explain that to you”; and that he was being taken to Antrim police barracks to be sent back to Maghaberry prison in the morning.
The Irish Freedom Committee asks; how is it that police can make this determination, where no crime has been committed? We can only view this arrest as highly suspect, considering the pointedly unusual circumstances and timing of these events.
Terry was taken on Monday to Maghaberry Gaol, where he had been finally discharged after over six years’ internment only weeks before. Instead of being returned to Roe House, where he had been housed with other Irish republican political prisoners; on Monday he was put in with the criminal population. Terry immediately refused food, demanding to be housed with political prisoners. After many efforts outside the prison, Terry was moved to Roe house at the end of the day on Monday.
Since his release, Terry has lived an exemplar life trying to catch up on missed time with his family of five boys and Martine. As she told us, “He goes to bed at 8:00, that’s what he’s used to inside. He’s taken a course with ex-POWs. He’s spending time with the kids.”
On his last Christmas home, while on early release, police repeatedly knocked at their door after one in the morning; well after he and his family were asleep. Martine tells us, “He was tortured. It was mental abuse.”
Yet since his release only weeks ago, “Terry’s watched 24-7; peelers are parked outside the door”.
This month several family members were stopped and cars searched while driving on errands, including a young son who had just earned his drivers certificate. Martine tells us, “They are trying to break the family.” Anyone who knows Martine and McCaff, knows this is next to impossible.
On this being Terry’s first chance out in over six years to have a normal Christmas with his family of five young boys, only the most base and perverse reasons apply to this kind of security forces harassment.
“This was well planned to mess up Christmas”, Martine tells us. “It’s a kick in the teeth. It’s a form of internment – back to the 60’s and 70’s.”
The Irish Freedom Committee views the circumstances and timing of Terry’s arrest as highly suspect. On what ‘information’ and with what powers can police revoke the license of a released republican prisoner, where no crime has been committed? Is this merely a sick ploy to take this man away from his family for another Christmas,
knowing full well that his lawyers’ offices will be closed throughout the Christmas and New Years’ holidays?
Martine has told us, “If I have to travel to every county of Ireland to tell this story, I will.”
Please watch for more details, and recommended actions for US supporters, in coming days.


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