Michael Stone è stato dichiarato colpevole di tentato omicidio nei confronti di Gerry Adams e Martin McGuinness, avvenuto a Stormont.
Il 53enne ex membro UDA, ha tentato di entrare a Stormont, mentre l’assemblea era in sessione, in possesso di esplosivi ed altre armi.
Michael Stone ha difeso la sua azione definendola come un’elaborata performance artistica allo scopo anche di salvaguardare il processo di pace, dando modo al Sinn Fein ed al DUP di riflettere prima di giungere ad una soluzione definitiva.

Stone found guilty of attempted murder
Michael Stone has been found convicted of attempting to murder Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness at Stormont.
The 53-year-old former UDA member attempted to enter Stormont while the Assembly was in session, armed with explosives and other weapons.
Mr Stone claimed his actions at Stormont were part of an elaborate performance art display.
Delivering his judgment in the non-jury trial, Mr Justice Deeney rejected this claim as being ‘wholly undeserved of belief’.
TV film crews captured the moment he burst through the main door and was wrestled to the ground by two security guards.
The incident happened months before the historic power-sharing deal between Sinn Féin and the DUP on the day Mr McGuinness was due to be nominated as the Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister.
Stormont arrest
During his four-and-a-half week trial he said his intervention had saved the peace process by giving Sinn Féin and the DUP some breathing space to reach their final settlement.
The father of nine claimed the axe, three knives, garrotte, imitation handgun and alleged home-made explosive devices found on his possession at the scene were all props.
The letters he wrote to local journalists outlining his intention to kill the senior republicans were also part of the ‘script’, his defence team argued.

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