32 County Sovereignty Movement New Year Statement

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement sends New Year greetings to all our members and supporters at home and abroad, imprisoned comrades, republican comrades and fellow organisations.

There is political violence in Ireland, not because a particular flag is flown at certain times, but because the wrong flag is flown at all. There is political violence in Ireland because the so called peace process failed to address this core issue of national sovereignty. Restricting the flying of the Union flag in no way restricts what it represents; British claims to sovereignty over part of Ireland. That is what the Good Friday Agreement secured.

To resolve the conflict in Ireland we must address the question of sovereignty. This cannot happen in Stormont because the issue is beyond its remit. The democratic deficit inherent in partition can only be rectified with the ending of partition. Hiding behind spurious votes to sanitise British occupation, and Free State indifference, merely perpetuates the conflict.

Agreement amongst the people of Ireland as to how we should govern ourselves is a matter for ourselves alone. Only the deluded or the politically outmanoeuvred can accept the British as a neutral bystander. There is no neutrality in internment by remand. There is no neutrality in the abuses in Maghaberry and there is no neutrality in the ongoing abuse against republican Marian Price.

We once again put the challenge to the British Government: if you are truly neutral then withdraw your claim of sovereignty, allow for a new dialogue to commence on this issue, devoid of vetoes, and allow us to write Emmet’s epitaph.

2013 is a preparatory year for 2016. The 32 County Sovereignty Movement once again reiterates that a unified republican base is the most potent way to honour the centenary of the 1916 Rebellion. The Easter Rising was in itself an exercise in republican unity; it can and must be done. Visions, however diverse, for a future sovereign Ireland cannot be used as preconditions against securing that sovereignty.

We bring to this process our United Nations Submission as a political alternative that all republicans can embrace without any surrender of principle. Republican unity is an exercise in pooling principles and strategies, to remove the common impediment, to all our future visions for our country and our people.

The vitriol railed against us in the establishment media is a measure of how much they fear our political message. That is why they try to criminalise and demonise us in the absence of their ability to counter our political view. We call on all republicans to confront this vitriol with calm and rational discourse as the surest way to prevail. The changing nature of mass media allows us an unprecedented opportunity to propagate the republican analysis. Let us do it wisely

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