Comunicato ricevuto da Sovereign Nation e reperibile in forums repubblicani, inerente alla presenza di un ordigino esplosivo presso il College Car Park di Cork in occasione della visita di Elisabetta II in Irlanda. L’attentato sarebbe stato abortito per volontà dei responsabili stessi

“Contrary to what the public believe, the Queen of Britains visit to Cork did not go physically unapposed . Despite being under “24 hour surveillance”, volunteers of the Irish Republican Army gained access to the University College Cork campus and planted an explosive device in the ‘Aras Mac Leinn’ car park a day before the Queen was invited to visit a section of the College.
Despite ringing the Samaritans and local media with a detailed warning using a recognised codeword,the Gardai kept the media censored and failed to warn the public about the device. Due to the authorities and their amateurish attitude in dealing with the situation, the planting af other devices in strategic locations in opposition to the Queens visit was aborted at the last minute and volunteers pulled back in the interest of safety towards civilians.
This again shows our military capabilities and we will continue to target any “arm” of the British establishment who may visit Cork. And to those who collaborated with the Queen (particullarly those who collaborated for financial gain) we may prove ourselves as very unforgiving.
The Queen has come and gone…..but we are here to stay.

(fonte ir.net)


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