Hunger….i primi commenti

Un elenco dei primi commenti seguiti alla proiezione di Hunger. In linea di massima sono unanimi….Steve McQueen ha di che essere soddisfatto.

“A visceral, violent and deeply disturbing vision of life in the Maze prison, set during the ‘dirty’ protests and the second hunger strike of 1981, is offered up by Britain’s most prominent entry in the Cannes film festival,” writes Charlotte Higgins in the Guardian.

Steve McQueen‘s Hunger, which focuses on the death of Bobby Sands after 66 days without food, prompted both applause and walk-outs as it premiered today, opening the prestigious Un Certain Regard section of the festival.”

For Leslie Felperin, writing in Variety, Hunger is “a powerful, pertinent but not entirely perfect debut for British visual-artist-turned-feature-helmer Steve McQueen, who demonstrates a painterly touch with composition and real cinematic flair, but who stumbles in film’s last furlough with trite symbolism.”

In Screen Daily, Allan Hunter finds “a history lesson with obvious contemporary resonances in the so-called war on terror…. McQueen conveys the living hell of this situation with the composure of a forensic examiner…. If Loach is the obvious name that comes to mind, McQueen also has an element of Terence Davies in the lingering intensity he brings to bear on some of his most telling compositions.”

“This is a sensational feature debut, fearless and uncompromising, bolder than any film to come out of the UK in a long time,” writes the Telegraph‘s Sukhdev Sandhu. “The lighting is cold and drear. The sound design bleak. It’s a film – as confrontational as the late Alan Clarke‘s Elephant – about extreme, intense spaces: those of Belfast, the jail cells, the psychology of those young men, ghosts in the making.”

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