Il 32 County Sovereignty Movement lancia la sua campagna contro il secondo referendum sulla ratifica del Trattato di Lisbona.
“Che diritto ha il governo di negoziare una situazione in cui la voce del popolo è  rilevante solo se in accordo con  il governo stesso?”

“What right had the Government to negotiate a situation wherein the people’s voice was only relevant if it complied with the Government’s view?”

Di seguito la dichiarazione di Francy Mackey

A chairde,
Against immense odds a No Vote was comprehensively delivered against the Lisbon Treaty. Hearty congratulations to all those involved. As the result evolved early on in the count it was accompanied by the evolution of the governments reaction. It was becoming clear that the No Vote was beginning to expose the legal mess which the government had negotiated itself into. It presumed the support of the people and signed up to Lisbon which in itself may have legal/constitutional implications. And whilst that particular aspect can be dealt with by more astute legal minds our efforts must return to the political field. To our mind the government has no option but to re run the referendum because it failed to adopt a position within the negotiations which could have catered for a No Vote and in turn would have allowed the Treaty to be revisited as opposed to it being a fait acompli. Regardless, it is clear that both the Dublin Government and the political elite in Europe are detached from the people they are claiming to represent. We believe the referendum result should stand and should form the fundamental basis of the Dublin Governments return to engage with the other EU administrations. We fear however that this will not be the case.
We cannot say for certain that the vote will be ignored but we do make the observation that those who campaigned for a No Vote should adopt prudent political positions which should presume that this is indeed the case. We further argue that if Lisbon 2 is foistered upon us a second time that in itself should be the focus of our opposition in tandem with our original arguments against the Treaty terms themselves. The 32 County Sovereignty Movement brought our analysis to bear in the original campaign. But we also called for a unified republican/socialist analysis so that the issue of Partition could be brought into the heart of the campaign. With the possibility of a second referendum this approach becomes even more necessary. Countdown To Lisbon II is the 32CSM’s campaign against a second referendum and also its campaign for a renewed No Vote should that referendum come to pass. We urge all other interested parties to refocus their efforts and begin now their campaigns for what we believe is a second referendum in the offing.

Is mise,

Francie Mackey


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