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  • Gerry, Sinn Fein were quite happy to exploit polepe for years during the marching season.I remember being bused to the Ormeau and other contentious places many many times.I think this is what gets polepe about Sinn Fein, their sheer unadulterated hypocrisy.You talk about the money that will be spent on the clean up operation eating into the executives meagre budget.You cite that, important services are already being cut and that money being spent on the clean up exercise is only exacerbating the situation.Gerry, Sinn Fein were quite happy to sign up to anything the Brits proposed for the North, meagre budgets included.According to the Socialist Party paper, Tom Hartley sat on a committee in the Royal Hospital which actively overseen ward closures.I suppose, if you have done what you lot have done you have to have some scapegoats, the so called ‘ dissidents’ always seem to provide a very good one.

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