Ardoyne protest one hour after march (UTV)
An Ardoyne residents group said they will hold a protest parade an hour after an Orange Order march is due to pass by a flashpoint area in north Belfast.
The Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective wants to hold a march at 5pm on the Twelfth of July, which is next Thursday.
The Orange Order march is due to go past the Ardoyne shop fronts at 4pm – several hours earlier than in the past. In recent years, serious rioting has ensued.
A statement from GARC said: “We are asking that Ardoyne Residents and all others who support the Human Rights of our community to assemble at the bottom of Ardoyne Avenue at 5pm on Thursday the 12th of July.
“We cannot stress enough that we only wish people to take part in our parade who are going to act peacefully, with dignity and in a manner that respects the people of Ardoyne.
“Anyone who has aspirations of violence on the day is not welcome and we would ask that you stay away, and that the people of Ardoyne are allowed to live in peace.”
Last week the Parades Commission brought the contentious Orange Order march forward to reduce public disorder and disruption to local residents.
They had also told GARC they must assemble and leave by 5.30pm, half an hour earlier than the residents group had originally requested.
A statement from the watchdog said: “Those with knowledge of the area will be aware that the policing operations required in recent years have necessarily been of such scale and nature that inevitably there have been further impositions placed upon the rights and freedoms of those who work and live in the area concerned.
“We believe that the determination which we now make reduces all these risks and potentials, even where they cannot be entirely avoided.”
Meanwhile a statement from the North and West Belfast Parades & Cultural Forum described the Parades Commission ruling as “outrageous and highly irresponsible”.
It continued: “To add insult to the absurdity this has been done to facilitate a violent republican parade that was notified at the last minute and which has no historic basis or cultural importance.
“This decision will do nothing to resolve the issues that exist between our respective communities and has significantly undermined the work that both CARA and the Parades Forum were involved in.
“The Parades Forum and the wider unionist community will vigorously challenge this unjust and divisive decision.”

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